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WordPress is web software that allows you to create a beautiful website and makes editing your website as easy as editing a Word document.

Mobile Responsive

Simply put, mobile responsiveness ensures your website or blog looks great and works on every type of browser – desktop, laptop, tablets, and smart phones.

SEO Optimized

SEO Optimization is the practice of improving and promoting a website to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines.

Increase Visitors

In order for your website to grow, you must capture the attention of your audience and give them the features or products they are looking for.




Here is a few reasons why I use Wordpress:
  • Easy To Use and Learn  WordPress is used by millions of people and almost every day new people are joining the WordPress community by creating their first WordPress powered websites.
  • Search Engine Friendly  WordPress, straight out of the box, comes ready to embrace search engines. Its features and functions guide a search engine through your site.
  • Safe and Secure  WordPress is developed with security in mind, so it is safe and secure to run any website.
  • Very Customizable  With WordPress your only limit is your imagination. I have never seen a design that couldn’t be built with WordPress.
iPhone 5

Mobile Responsive

Having a website that looks good not only on the computer but on mobile devices is essential. According to Pew Research, 63% of people use their mobile devices to get online. This is why ensuring you site has a mobile responsive design is essential.

Additionally, having a mobile responsive design keeps you from having to create and maintain a separate mobile site. This allows you to focus on only one site, versus several.


SEO Optimized

Ensuring your site is search engine optimized is essential to attract new people to your site. When you want to find something what do you do? Google it! So if you want to grow and expand, making sure your website is search engine friendly is crucial.

In addition, SEO provides credibility to your website. In the mind of searchers, your ranking is a vote of confidence — “Google says this site is relevant, so that must be the case.” So, again making sure your site is search engine optimized is vital to you.

Traffic Increase

Increase Visitors

There are many ways is to increase the amount of traffic on your site. One of the most important ways to to provide your targeted audience with the content they are looking for. For example, the website I designed for North Main Street church of Christ added a lot of new, relative content that the members of the church wanted. You can see the results below.

  • July 2014: Less than 20 people visited the church website, including only 8 from from search engines.
  • August 2014: Launched new website.
  • September 2014: Had 96 people visit the site, including 47 from search engines.
  • February 2015: Saw a 75% increase over September, with a total of 168 people visit the site including 60 hits from search engines.

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